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Healthcare, Data Protection, and YOU. A Quick, Essential Guide for Patients

A bunch of us here at have to know a lot about Data.

In case you haven’t had time recently to wade through the extensive information that exists on Data Protection and Data Law – we’ve put together a summary of some of the most important points so that you can be aware of the obligations that your clinic have when it comes to protecting your personal data. For example, you probably knew that clinics need to get you to an ‘opt in’ (you have to agree in advance) in order to send you additional marketing information? So just because you used your email address to make a booking, it doesn’t mean they can start sending you information you didn’t specifically ask for! So if you added your email address when filling in a form, you have to give express permission to be contacted for marketing purposes.

Also – even if you

It’s important stuff that can sometimes get overlooked, so we hope you find this helpful.  While our guide is based on Irish and EU law, the common sense practices are just as relevant to other markets.  Click on this link to download the media file.  Guide To Data Protection


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