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Chest lift and Tummy Tuck following massive 11 stone weight loss


My Journey

I had been putting on weight all my life and was fat even when growing up.  Comfort eating I think.  Using food as a crutch and had terrible eating habits.  I got fatter and fatter eventually weighing 27 stone.  Couldn’t really find any decent work and ended up working as a bouncer in Cambridge night clubs.  At one of the big clubs I worked there was a young lad working on the team that seemed to think he was it.   He had a swagger and seemed very sure of himself.  At the end of the night, when everyone had left, we ended up play fighting on the dance floor.  We were trying to remove each other from the dance floor like a customer would have to go if they refused to leave.   Three times in a row he threw me of the dance floor, but I couldn’t get him off there once.   He weighed 13 stone, and I weighed 27 stone, but he knew all these clever moves and tactics, arm-locks and stuff.  I asked him how he did it, and told me to come down to this fight centre to find out.   It turned out that my colleague was an up and coming MMA fighter and was accomplished in the arts of Muay Thai, wrestling/judo/grappling & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  I decided I really should do something about my weight and thought that doing all these lessons would make me much safer dealing with any trouble at work. The guy I new from work gave me loads of encouragement and nutritional advice, and we became good friends.   He went on to compete at the highest level and has been on inter-national  TV many times.  I got crazy into it, doing 6 hours of Martial arts a day sometimes.  After about three years I got a new job that meant I couldn’t continue my fight training, but I continued to train very hard at my local gym every morning before work.  I eventually lost 11.5 stone.


fat-tom2 big-tom prepostop facebook-20150531-105645

I’ve now lost 11 stone in weight, going from just shy of 27 stone to weighing 15.7 stone.  I had lots of sagging and hanging skin that I didn’t like the look of.  It can be seen in the pic where I have pen marks over my torso.

This shows the cuts the surgeon was going to make to remove the excess skin. I trained very hard in the months before the operation really cutting weight. At the time of the operation I had a Body Fat Index (BFI) of just 10%. I hoping that having the operation with such low BFI will help to really maximise the results.

Great results, very pleased

20150501_151228-2-1Went in last week for a Tummy Tuck and Chest lift to remove excess skin after achieving massive weight loss. I didn’t experience much pain at all and it all went really well. Great results, very pleased. They guide you through the whole process, helping with hotels etc, making it very easy and hassle free to organise. Probably going back in a few months to get my back done as well. I definitely won’t be looking anywhere else and would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.






 It didn’t half hurt when they were removing my dressing


Don’t have It to soon would be my advice, make sure you are at your ideal weight. Have it done in winter so your body is all healed and recovered ready for the summer. Make sure you shave your chest if you are a guy or even if you’re a hairy girl. Also shave off your pubic hair, not all of it unless you really want to. Just make sure you don’t have any pubes anywhere around where the waist line of your underwear sits and have a pube free zone around that line and 10cms below it. I had a chest lift and tummy tuck and so had dressings around my waist and chest and they were held on with surgical tape. It didn’t half hurt when they were removing my dressing, and at the same time, tearing out my pubs and chest hairs. My recommendation is get rid of any body hair that is anywhere near where the surgeons are going to be doing their cutting!

The best part!

The best part was seeing the results of the surgery.  I saw results straight away, and they’ve done a fantastic job.  I was also thinking it was going to be far more painful than it was.  It only really hurt when I sat up and that only hurt for a few days.  The only other time it really hurt was when I coughed, sneezed or farted.  Also straining to go to the loo was out of the question for a couple of days, so by the time I could go, I was feeling quite full-up.  It is now just over three weeks since I had the operations and having to wear the Velcro girdle around my tummy and chest is beginning to grate.  It rubs a bit, is a little itchy and is quite tight to have to wear 24/7.

 Same professional  standard as UK doctors

I think that the price I paid for the operation was very fair and certainly a lot cheaper in the UK.  The surgeons seemed professional and were of the same professional  standard as UK doctors.  I had a full tfacebook-20150531-105632ummy tuck and a chest lift and it cost €2,800 which includes the deposit.  Still had to pay for hotel and food but that was comparatively cheap in Lithuania.










Tom had his Tummy Tuck and Chest Lift in Lithuania.  

A Tummy Tuck in Lithuania is, on average 70% cheaper than it is in the UK and there are 20 clinics that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in Lithuania for UK patients are: Kaunas and Vilnius.

Check out those clinics here.

Tummy tucks in Kaunas

Tummy Tucks in Vilnius

All Plastic Surgery Clinics in Lithuania





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