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Brought to tears with perfect Veneers

  • Name: Emma
  • Country: UK
  • Procedure: Veneers
  • Price Paid: €4,480 (€560 Per Tooth)
  • Clinic Chosen: K3 Cosmetic Dental Studio

My Veneers Story


I had the option to choose Colour, Shape and even Size!

I had 8 venimage1-7eers on my top row of teeth with K3. I would like to say how fantastic the service was, from the initial quotation including everything I needed to know, to the aftercare and support that they provide. I had the option to choose, what colour they were, what shape they were and even the size of them. The whole procedure was completed inside two weeks, with the procedure itself taking around 4 hours done in 2 visits. The whole team were fantastic, Ernst the dentist was fantastic, very careful and gentle. The rest of the team Kerry, Jill and Helen were all very lovely and supportive and made the whole procedure as smooth as could be. 



Due to the Essex smile trend, I wanted big, white, straight teeth

I had abimage2-3used my teeth for many years including bleaching them heavily which left them see through and patchy, as well as this I did not wear my retainer after I had my brace removed so they were no longer straight. Due to the Essex smile trend, I wanted big, white, straight teeth and k3 could provide this.

The worst part was the temporaries

The best part was the finished result that brought me to tears I was so happy. The worst part was the temporaries until the veneers were made, this was a two week gap and they left a horrible taste in my mouth and weren’t a nice colour.  My best advice is to go for a consultation and get your expectations clear, you can even have your new teeth on an picture of you to see what they would look like. Your smile is the biggest part of you, so take it as important.

I know you can get cheaper but I’m happy with what I have

I paid €4,480 for 8 veneers. I paid the same for each tooth €560 although they differed in size. I know you can get cheaper and more expensive but I am happy with what I have so cannot complain.




Emma had her Veneers in the UK.  

The average price of  Veneers in the UK is around €560 per tooth (based on price check October 2016).

There are 764 clinics listed on WhatClinic that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in the UK are London, Manchester and Belfast. .

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