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Dental Crowns result in world class smile


My Dental Journey



Sometimes it’s well worth paying the extra bucks when you know you’re in good hands

First of all, I had some better quotes than he did, but my gut feeling said he was a good doctor with lots of specialtlies and knew what he was doing so I stuck with him. Sure enough, a month after my treatment is completed, I can honestly tell that, sometimes it’s well worth to pay the extra bucks when you know you’re in good hands, especially when it comes to your oral health, which may be the source of many health related issues that most people aren’t even aware of.

I went to see Dr. Baysal for replacing my old crowns and bridges done 15 years ago and I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy job. I had a huge gap between my 2 front teeth which didn’t look good and further more, I just wanted to make sure if there were any other issues underneath the crowns. Sure enough, I did have quite a bit! After a preliminary examination with XR, he informed me of my other existing issues which were caused by my previously done dental treatments and explained my treatment options in detail. He did everything he could to squeeze me in, to make sure the treatment was completed before my departure in 15 days! That included 4 root canals, 2 major dental cyst removal surgeries, bone graft and stem cells to speed up the recovery, 21 individual crowns and 2 bridges not to mention my son’s laser teeth whitening. By the way, he works with an excellently skilled lab technician if you’re considering any cosmetic work. The result of my full treatment is: a world record in dentistry, a world class smile and a very happy patient :-D. As you can see on the website, this is a state of the art clinic, equipped with latest technology not to mention its cleanliness and very stylish design.



I feel so lucky to have found him on Whatclinic

Dr. Baysal and his assistant Ms. Vildan are very friendly and welcoming. They will make you feel home with a relaxing smooth jazz in the background. Dr. Baysal is a highly educated dentist with a specialty in radiology, implantology and cosmetic dentistry. He’s a lot of experience and takes pride in his work. I feel so lucky to have found him on Whatclinic and highly recommend to everyone.

The best part was knowing that I was in a good doctor’s hands and the worst was finding out that I had to have a more extensive treatment than I’d initially thought but still, I feel good about taking care of myself.



Emailed and called me right after my initial inquiry

My advice would be having enough time to spend in Istanbul so that they wouldn’t spend every day at the dental clinic as I did to finish the treatment in time. Other than that, they can trust the doctor who’s very competent in his job.

I paid a total of $14K which included my 21 crowns, 3 bridges, 4 root canals, 4 dental cyst removal surgeries, bone graft, stem cells and my son’s laser teeth whitening. It may seem a lot but relatively speaking this is at least half the prize I’d pay in the US.
Honestly, while I was doing a research on your site, I got some better quotes from other doctors in Istanbul but overall I had a much better impression of Dr. Baysal who emailed and called me right after my initial inquiry. He was very professional, not pushy and very informative about the options. I emailed him back many times bombarding with my questions and he responded patiently in a timely manner which was quite impressive for me. I believe sometimes paying a little extra is well worth it, especially when it’s about our health. In fact, my major problems were caused by unprofessional dentists who did very poor treatments in the past and did not give me an ethical advice. I wish I’d known Dr. Baysal years ago! I’d have avoided all my troubles.



İlksen had her Dental Crowns in Turkey.

Dental Crowns in Turkey are on average 55% cheaper than in the UK and there are 497 clinics that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in Turkey for UK patients are: Istanbul, Kusadasi and Izmir Province  

Check out those clinics here.

Dental Crowns in Kusadasi

Dental Crowns in Istanbul

Dental Crowns in Izmir Province

All Dental Crown Clinics in Turkey


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