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It was now or never for Tummy Tuck

  • Name: Vishad
  • Country: South Africa
  • Procedure: Tummy Tuck
  • Price Paid: €3,540
  • Clinic Chosen: Dr. Susan F. Johnson

My Tummy Tuck Story


Went on a hectic diet and lost 70 KGs

Was overweight and got to a point to were I got to 170kgs at the age of 17. That’s when I said no way. I have to do something about it, so went on a hectic diet and lost 70kgs. So by 21 I was slim and trim but sadly with all the dieting and training nothing could get rid of the access skin around my tummy and sides. Lived with it for 15 odd years and saw some doctors in the past years but never did it. but now I said I have to get it done and after meeting my doctor and feeling so comfortable with her .I said now or never.



It will change your life

The best parts of my experience were my doctor, hospital experience and over all results. The worst parts: I have got seroma due to my body type, and had to have it drained several times but this went away after 3 months.  Anybody thinking of doing this, just do it, It will change your life. I wish I did it sooner to be honest. Find a great doctor like a did. I honestly felt no pain during my entire recovery. Slight discomfort but nothing to write home about. I have no regrets at all.




Fee was very reasonable

Dr Susan Johnson is an amazing doctor with time, patience and care of her patient and passionate about what she does. Totally happy with her and her services a lovely practice that cares about you I most certainly will continue to use her always amazing service. I feel the fee was very reasonable.








Vishad had his Tummy Tuck in South Africa.

A Tummy Tuck in South Africa is roughly 35% cheaper than the UK and there are 35 clinics that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in South Africa for UK patients are: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria.  

Check out those clinics here.

Tummy tucks in Johannesburg

Tummy Tucks in Cape Town

Tummy Tucks in Pretoria

All Plastic Surgery Clinics in South Africa



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