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Liposuction results encouraged me to lose more weight

  • Name: Richard
  • Country: UK
  • Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Panniculectomy
  • Price Paid: €4,540
  • Clinic Chosen: LowCosmetic, Madrid, Spain


My Story

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I’ve never had this kind of attention

The reviews I read about Dr Alejandro Nogueira were exceptional the cost of the procedures were very good. These are just two reasons I choose LowCosmetic.

Dr Alejandro Nogueira does not work out of a clinic but a private hospital that delivers services to many other specialties. Also, the hospital has an intensive care unit just in case.
At the hospital: From arriving at the hospital until I left the area 10 days later, I can honestly say that the experience has been superb. I met Dr. Nogueira at lunchtime on the Friday on which I had my procedures. He immediately put me at ease as I was a bit apprehensive. We discussed the procedures and there was no rush. Next I met Dr Mar Salmones, the anaesthetist who was just as friendly as Dr Nogueira. We went through the assessments, etc. Once finished, Dr Nogueira personally escorted me for an ECG and blood tests before taking me to my room.
That afternoon I was taken to the theatre where I again met the two clinicians who put me at ease. I really have to say that the hospital itself is new and is the cleanest hospital I have ever visited. Following the operations, both doctors visited me in my room when they had finished their theatre session at 1.15am. We chatted for 30 or so minutes about the day. I have been to many hospitals in the UK, both NHS and private, and I’ve never had this kind of attention.
Aftercare: I had two follow up sessions with Dr Nogueira before leaving for home, the second one being 8 days after the operations and everything was ok.
Sum up: The two clinicians, Dr Nogueira and Dr Salmones, are extremely capable in their field and at the same time very friendly and approachable. Dr Nogueira was able to assess exactly what I needed which was a lower tummy tuck without muscle stitching.



Ever since my early twenties I’ve been extremely conscious of my love handles

I chose to have two treatments done and these were a Panniculectomy and liposuction on flanks and lower back. Initially, I contacted the clinician regarding the liposuction procedure, however, he recommended the additional Pannicilectomy as the stomach area had skin that was sagging and liposuction would not be advantageous in this area. I’m now 59 years old and ever since my early twenties I’ve been extremely conscious of my love handles to such an extent that up til early forties I wouldn’t remove my shirt in front of other people. I’ve considered treatment for years but finally bit the bullet and had it done.



The results are not quite as I would like

One of the reasons I didn’t have the procedure before was pain. Well I was extremely surprised that I suffered no pain even in the first weeks following the operation. The only problem was the staples which held the wound shut; they would dig in when trying to sleep. The biggest problem has been the wait to see the final results. It really has been the thing that has been frustrating. After 6 months, the results are not quite as I would like. There are a number of reasons for this:
a. I wasn’t able to have any muscle tightening due to excessive subcutaneous fat in the stomach area. I weigh 210lbs, however I probable should have lost another 30 lbs. Additionally, I have claimed ribs and curved lower back. The current result is that I have a curvature in my lower stomach area which pushed my trousers down too far.
b. The second problem is in the area that had liposuction. The lower back area is now superb and I now have a good definition down to the waist. The problem is on the hip area. I’m not sure if enough fat was removed, the doctor removed 1 litre from each side, or that because the fat was in-situ for many years and this area requires tightening. The clinician did say the fat was like hard cheese. Anyway I have a following up with the clinician in a couple of weeks. If I need further surgery then I won’t leave it for any length of time.


I can now fit into clothes sizes that haven’t fitted in years

Despite the above issues, I can now fit into cloth sizes that haven’t fitted in years. Love lost 4 inches on my waist and the results have encouraged me to loose more weight.
As I stated earlier, I bit the bullet and had the surgery. Now that I know what to expect, I won’t have any problems having further surgery. Anyone, who like me has had psychological issues, I would just say have the surgery done.





Richard had his Tummy Tuck in Spain.

A Tummy Tuck in Spain is, on average (18% cheaper than it is in the UK) and there are 405 clinics that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in Spain for UK patients are: Marbella, Barcelona and Alicante.  

Check out those clinics here.

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