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Tummy Tuck to fix years of over-eating


  • Name: Ciara
  • Country: UK
  • Procedure: Breast Reduction, Arm lift, Tummy Tuck, Breast lift
  • Price Paid: €9,200
  • Clinic Chosen: Dr. Mukund Jagannathan


My Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck Story

I had been seriously overweight for years: finally, I decided to do something about it. I spent over a year working very hard on becoming healthier – both in terms of weight loss, but also increasing my fitness. I was very proud of myself for accomplishing a newer, slimmer and fitter me, but the years of over-eating had left a physical toll only surgery could remove. So – I decided to save up and work towards the next step: cosmetic surgery on my breasts, tummy and arms.

I ended up spending about £8000, which included everything: surgery, hospital stay, medicine, two weeks recuperation in India (food and accommodation), my flights and about a weeks’ sightseeing (and shopping!). It sounds like a lot of money – and is – but there is no way I could have had all that surgery in the UK for that price. I was happy with the cost when I made my decision to go ahead and I am ecstatic with the results, so I believe every penny was well spent.

All fears laid to rest


Indicure are fantastic. Surgery is a scary deal, especially in a foreign country and being by yourself. However, Indicure laid all fears to rest. Dr. Ruchika answered all questions (and I had loads!) promptly and thoroughly. Dr. Mukund Jaganathan is an outstanding surgeon – brilliant at his job, kind and courteous. The hospital staff were lovely: friendly and patient and very kind. After the surgery, care continued in terms of communication, check ups and help with a bit of sightseeing. I don’t think they come better than this team, so if you’re wanting world class surgery, I don’t think you can do better than to contact Indicure.




My excitement about fixing myself

Looking back, the best part of the experience was perhaps arriving in India – my excitement about the ‘fixing myself’ project being in its final stages. The other ‘best part’ was two weeks later, when the bandages and tape came off and I could really see the phenomenal difference between the way I looked when I arrived and following surgery. The worst part of the experience was probably waking up after surgery. I’d never been in hospital and was completely unprepared for just how groggy and miserable I would feel. It probably took a week for the general ‘ick’ feeling to go away and for me to gain back my energy and be able to move around freely.


Take the responsibility of eating healthily


For those of you thinking about surgery, I’d say go for it – but don’t enter into it blithely! Do your research: know what to expect and how to prepare for it. Take the responsibility of eating healthily and absteeming from alcohol, and ensure you’re fit prior to surgery. Whilst the price might be a hefty wallop to your wallet and a fair bit of pain and discomfort, the rewards are a vast improvement in your physical look and shape, and your mental happiness with how you look. Good luck to all of you who go through with it.









Ciara had her Breast Reduction, Arm lift, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift in India.

A Tummy Tuck in India is, on average (78% cheaper than it is in the UK) and there are 74 clinics that offer the treatment.

The most popular locations in India for UK patients are: Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.  

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